Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Next step in cold reading!

This is an intresting stroy of Alan Rice, a student in Ireland who became suspicious about some of the photos displayed as 'Live psychics' to be called at €2.44/min on Irish TV. He used image searches to find photos of some of the 'psychics' on stock photo sites.

as he says here:"Psychic Pat was in fact a bought stock photo! I quickly tweeted about this and from that I was pointed to the thread about the show where I posted the same photos. Things certainly took off from there and some wonderful people there started finding pretty much all the psychics listed on their website from various places around the internet including, from what I gather, a personal Flickr photo. It really begs the question who are you talking to? And in some cases from what I’ve read you only get through to a hold message."

 so these "Psychics" not only use varuis open statements and trickery they also fake what they look like. i would say to anyone who does believe are these the moves of trustworthy people? and if so is it realy worth  €2.44/min to see your future? because if you just have a quick snooze tommorrow will already be here.


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