Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Lack of Scepticism

This here is a Supernatural story,spread by Tabloid newspaper's and how lack of information and logic makes you look like a fool.(i think)

The daily mail wrote this article which can be found here the story go's that a couple took a photo of there living room years after there baby died of cot death. So whats the big deal, a ghost  photo with little evidence whats new  right? Well the reason this is different is the daily mail found this story thanks to Gloucestershire Echo: the problem is the Gloucestershire Echo did a follow up report here:   
proving it was a fake using a cool iphone app. so will they admit to there mistakes? only time will tell....

and for them whats worst of all is it is the same app that fooled them a few years back which can be found here:

so moral is DON'T RUN STORY'S THAT YOU DON'T HAVE FULL PROOF ITS REAL! or alternitivly just do loads of crazy storys and hope some sticks. tho of course that idea is CRAAAZY


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