Thursday, 5 July 2012

placebo is not a cure!

Here is a Question a lot of logical thinkers(usually slightly cocky ones) ask "what do you call alternative medicine that works?" they usually then wait for a response if one i will give you a second to think yourself.............they then answer "medicine" and its true. altho people believe it works because of the placebo effect they want it to work so to them mentally it does,its suggestion BUT IT DOSE NOT ACTUALLY WORK! and this recent story sadly shows how if one person tells another that "this works" and fills the world with sudo science and no logical thinking tragedy's do occur:
HOUSTON—A mother has been charged with a felony for allegedly withholding prescribed medication from her son and giving him alternative medication instead.
Belinda Hernandez, 46, has been charged with injury to a child through omission. Her bail has been set at $30,000.
Authorities say that her son was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and prescribed medication when he was 3-months-old. At 8 months, his mother allegedly decided to discontinue the medication.
Doctors say that the boy, now 7-years-old, has suffered permanent abnormal development and brain damage because he has gone untreated.
Medical records show that he suffers from obesity and hearing impairment and his hormone results indicate that he had not been taking medication for his hypothyroidism.
The mother told police that she disagreed with the doctors and researched alternative mediations that she believed comparable to what doctors prescribed, according to court documents. She claimed to have given her son an herbal seaweed remedy.
Police say Hernandez’s grandmother, who lives with the family, said she never saw her daughter give the boy any alternative medicine.



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