Sunday, 1 July 2012

Lovely Thought

I ussually use this blog as a place to expose frauds or show a logical perspective on something not so logical.but i thought i would share this as its furthor more proof that logic and maths can create something lovely. so my follwers have a cake on me......

"Herman Cake is a cake which you pass along in the set period of time, which continues to grow as it contains yeast. Herman sits on the worktop for ten days altogether, and due to the amount of yeast that it contains, smells distinctly of beer. The Herman cake can 'breathe' when covered loosely with a tea-towel and left out on the worktop and stirred occasionally. This 'breathing' occurs because of the yeast in the Herman cake, and the cake mixture bubbles frequently.
When a person receives Herman from a friend, he will be presented to them in a small plastic tub along with a set of instructions to guide this person through the next ten days with the Herman cake mixture. On the ninth day, Herman is divided into four equal parts and three of these parts are passed along to friends. The last quarter is kept and on the tenth day is cooked. Many ingredients can be added to Herman before the procedure of cooking the Herman cake. These ingredients can vary from chocolate, apples, and cherries to make Herman sweet or olives and sun-dried tomatoes for a savoury taste.
On the basis that each Herman creates 4 small Hermans, of which one is turned into a cake and three are given away, it has been considered that in 227 days and 8 hours the entire world population could have grown, cooked and eaten their own Herman Cake."


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