Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Pork Crackling Precise Predictions!

Personally i think my headline is better but according to The Leader Post :

A psychic pig is predicting football results,the reason he is more "famous" than most medium pets because he is beating Paul the Octopus (remember that guy) which of course means its time for me to talk about PREDICTIONS.
Unless your talking about Predictions used in performances this should cover all Predictions (mammal or otherwise) the "big secret" of how Predictions work is in something called The science of big numbers.
EXAMPLE: A man, lets call him David,David has a dream (as you do) and he dreams of seeing a cloud and on that cloud is six numbers. he then See's a jelly cherub (its a dream remember) who told him to "buy a lottery ticket!" before vomiting marshmallows (its likely David had,had some cheese before sleep) he awakes and runs to his nearest Lottery Retailer and then waits for the draw..................on the night the numbers are drawn aaand he wins! in your eyes is that a prediction? and if it wasn't psychic or a prediction how wasn't it?

This is when The Science of Big Numbers come in. we think things are supernatural because basically we are selfish. (i say "we" because its nature we can not help it) we think if it works for us personally then it "must work" (i am positive i will go into that in more detail in another post about alternative medicine so stay tuned!) but by knowing that we can work out the "secret" we all have a story to tell and there are millions of us. if David didn't win then Sally would of who found her numbers thanks to a £50 past life regression session where her half dog  half dragon spirit guide told her too, or sally who used her lucky numbers,or harry who's son randomly went 6,7,8,32,21 and 31. same applys with are rasher of future telling. he will eventually get it wrong, and then a new zealand parrot who tells you tennis results will beat his score. oh and if that is exact for the next medium animal then i think i get the award for the best way to prove a point


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